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Why Becoming a Gudiance Counselor Is for Me - Free Essay Example

August 1,2010 Personal Statement College Of New Rochelle As I a reflect on where I am in my life and the experiences that have bought me here. I look back on the many difficult and extremely challenging decisions I’ve had to make to get here. I like to think I am a reasonable person in my thinking and what motivates me, however there have been moments when I thought , if I’d had a more concrete sounding broad to voice my thought, fears and aspirations, early in my journey though life is something I often speculate on, and what choices I would have made. A person a with strong influence in my early learning experiences to guide me in what were my strengths. All throughout my teen years I have been fascinated with sculpting and designing hair styles for friends and family. I was the family hair stylists, eventually turn professional. I truly enjoyed my ten year career as a stylist, as much as I was excited about every new hairstyle that I would learn, I was just as int erested in meeting the variety of people I would meet everyday working in a unisex salon, The mix in cultures within our own culture was an experience in itself. As I would interact with young and old, but the younger clients is where I witness the most distress and anxiety of the thing going on in their lives. Looking back now presently as a mother of two young children. Returning to school earning my Bachelors in Social Science, exploring society’s diverse cultures as a whole. Presently a Financial Aid Counselor at Pace University, I started to pay closer attention to the often legitimate gripes young people have in terms of had they only had better guidance in their younger years, what a difference it would have made now entering adulthood. This is when I knew I would have much to offer in a career in Guidance Counseling would be a rewarding experience. Few careers are as potentially rewarding—or as frustrating—as that of a guidance counselor, whose job it is to help guide and structure children’s educational and vocational direction as they pass through an unstable and confusing time in their lives. A guidance counselor helps students determine courses of study and possible vocations. Counselors try to understand what motivates each student as well as his or her skills and desires. When you’re doing things right,† wrote one, â€Å"it’s like you’re another parent, except they trust you a little more. I understand entering this field there will emotional as well as intellectual demands come with the territory. As most guidance counselors spend over a third of their time in consultations with students and parents, prospective counselors should be comfortable with teenagers and have excellent communication skills. It can be frustrating because you will have limited power to make students follow your advice, and often you will face students, whom cannot see pass today, so it is a challenge, I’ m ready to prepare myself for .

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International Business Project International Marketing...

International Business Project By ABC Date: Table of contents International Business Project 3 1. Introduce produce: 3 a) What is it? What is its function? What are its physical characteristics? 3 2. Describe your country of choice 3 a) When was the country formed/became independent 4 b) General country characteristics: 4 Geography, size, water, road, rail statistics: 4 c) Location: 5 d) Population: 5 i. Number: 5 ii. Age and sex breakdown: 6 iii. Birth and death rates: 7 iv. Urban/rural distribution: 8 v. Education level: 8 e) Culture – what is it like to interact with someone on a personal basis? What is it like to interact on a business level. 8 3. Country Government 9 a) Type, makeup, size, capital, legal status 9 4. Economy 10 a) General overview 10 b) Financial statistics, GDP, GDP per capita, labor status, unemployment, interest rates, inflation rates, export/import stats and partners, exchange rates. 10 5. How are you going to sell your product to the country of choice? Be as detailed as possible 12 a) Market segment you want to sell to, how much money do they make, how many people in your target market? 12 6. How are you going to distribute your product? Be as specific as possible. 13 7. Conclusion: 13 International Business Project 1. Introduce produce: a) What is it? What is its function? What are its physical characteristics? Huawei Mate 8 mobile is the mobile by China Company named Huawei. Huawei mate 8 has different features and specification as comparedShow MoreRelatedEssay on MBA detail course outline1314 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Methods †¢ Research Methods †¢ Research Methods †¢ Research Methods †¢ Organization Theory †¢ Organization Theory †¢ Financial Accounting †¢ Financial Accounting †¢ Project Management Fundamentals 2nd Quarter †¢ Project Management Fundamentals †¢ Project Management Fundamentals †¢ Project Management Fundamentals 4th Quarter †¢ Organizational Behavior – I †¢ Organizational Behavior – I †¢ Organizational Behavior – I †¢ Organizational Behavior – I †¢ Leadership Read MoreMarket Research – the global scenario Marketing research is a very vital part of any marketing1600 Words   |  7 PagesMarket Research – the global scenario Marketing research is a very vital part of any marketing intelligence system and helps improve the management decision making by providing information that is relevant, accurate, precise and timely. Every decision that poses unique needs for information and related strategies can be developed based on information gathered through marketing research in action. Too often, marketing research is considered narrow for the collection and analysis of data for othersRead MoreGraduate Of International Business And Business Administration898 Words   |  4 PagesGraduate of international business and business administration, with extensive knowledge and experience in project management, entrepreneurial development, business advice and performing events. A hard-working and resilient person who welcomes new challenges and enjoys the satisfaction of achieving objectives with ability to communicate well with others at all levels. Interested in management and international business, in sectors such as: education, international logistics and consulting. SKILLSRead MoreAcme Home Improvements de Mà ©xico, Sa de Cv Charter Essay1488 Words   |  6 PagesAcme Home Improvements de Mà ©xico, SA de CV Project Charter AMBA640 Section 9044 Professor Jon-David Knode Team Two Joyce Buchanan Mamta Bumb Eugene Chung Tyler David Kalogeros-Treschuk Nico A Washington Project Title: Acme Home Improvements de Mexico City – New Construction Project Start Date: August 1, 2010 Project Finish Date: August 1, 2011 Budget Information: The budget will be initiated at $20 million, with the majority of funds going to land acquisition, the initialRead MoreA Comprehensive Research On Anz Banking Group Ltd.1658 Words   |  7 Pagescomprehensive research on ANZ Banking Group Ltd.’s International business strategy, utilizing the concepts of Global Project Management. The information is used to understand the current capability of the organization, and propose an ICT solution that would support the organization’s business strategy while meeting its business requirements (Tang, 2010), helping the organization realize overall maturity. 1.2 Scope The investigation done was based on the business structure of ANZ with the focus on value chainRead MoreI Want to Pursue My Graduate Program from HULT International Business School736 Words   |  3 Pagesstatement to pursue my Graduate Program from HULT International Business School. I believe that continuing my education from an esteemed university will not only help me advance in my future career but also my personality which will be of assistance to me throughout the life. I am recently graduated from American University in Dubai (AUD). I have earned Bachelors of Business Administration at the American University in Dubai and I majored in Marketing. Through my C.V. you can see that I possess allRead MoreEffective Low Budget Real Estate Marketing785 Words   |  4 PagesLow-Budget Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Interview with Jessica Marks, Real Estate Marketing Specialist) First of all, to make sure that the international real estate marketing ideas revealed and discussed in this E-Series do actually work, we have to turn to a practical life example of how Jessica Marks, the real estate marketer for a South Florida developer of boutique luxury townhomes, had successfully used the methods presented in this E-Series for marketing and selling the propertiesRead MoreGive Nasa A Real Mission988 Words   |  4 Pagesat the wrong stuff. First, the International Space Station seems to be history s most expensive mission and it is an advance space-telescope project. There are other projects that could be more inspirational such as sending people to Mars. Even though it is technically possible, it is surpassingly expensive at the moment. If there were an affordable way to reach orbit, it might open countless business opportunities in space. The reason Mars and the space business are out of reach is due the highRead MoreMarketing Objectives Of The Uk Property De velopers And Four Building Contractors Firms1447 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing Objectives: †¢ To have two UK property developers and four building contractor firms as major clients in the first year of operation. †¢ To have one international client within 18 months. †¢ To build brand awareness, online presence and company portfolio. State of the Market The role of the architect is changing, as are the priorities of the profession – it is becoming more client focussed and more concerned with social and environmental issues relevant to the built environment. The demandRead MoreThe Economic Environment in Chile Essay1083 Words   |  5 Pagespopulation of about 17.46 million people. Chile is quite well known for international trade. It was ranked 18th out of the 49 most competitive economies in the world by the 1996 World Competitiveness Report which was publishes by the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne Switzerland. The official language of Chile is Spanish. However, many well – educated business persons speak English. It is an ideal international market to enter for Alvernian; a manufacturer of leisure and gym

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Dependent Personality Disorder A Separate Peace

Dependent personality disorder, commonly referred to as DPD, has been formally diagnosed in approximately 2.5% of the population of the United States (Faith). Roughly 14% of individuals with a personality disorder have been diagnosed as having DPD (Faith). Dependent personality disorder is believed to affect one out of every 200 adults (â€Å"Dependent†). DPD is also commonly misdiagnosed as Avoidant Personality Disorder, or APD (Faith). 43% of people that are diagnosed with APD also meet the diagnostic criteria for DPD (Faith). 59% of people diagnosed with DPD meet the criteria for APD (Faith). In the novel A Separate Peace, the main character Gene Forrester encounters dependent personality disorder, and also struggles with some of the symptoms himself. A personality disorder is an inflexible and is usually an unhealthy way of thinking or behaving (Carey). Dependent personality disorder is a mental illness which can cause individuals to feel as if they are incapable of living or doing something independently (Faith). Dependent personality disorder is a cluster c personality disorder (Faith). Cluster c personality disorders include all of the anxious or fearful types of disorders (Faith). In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles main character Gene Forrester experiences dependent personality disorder firsthand. Forrester was a student at Devon School located in rural New Hampshire along with his best friend Phineas, who most of the students and professors called FinnyShow MoreRelatedDissociative Identity Disorder1678 Words   |  7 PagesDissociation is defined as â€Å"a mental process, which produces a lack of connection in a person s thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity† (Grohol, 2016). The Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a severe condition in which two or more separate, distinct identities or personality states are present in an individual. In other words, a person has, what seems like, actual distinct and contrasting people in their head and these â€Å"alters† are able to take control of an individual’sRead MorePeace Order1456 Words   |  6 PagesPEACE AND ORDER Peace and order unites religions and culture, incorporating values of security and harmony together with justice and respect for the human dignity. While peace undoubtedly, is one of the most universal and significant of human ideals, it is describe as one of the most positive symbols having meaning for the whole humanity, the ways that we think about peace and how to attain it are often diffuse and content-dependent. Peace is the dream of every generation, the goal of everyRead MoreNarcissistic Personality Disorder Research Paper2024 Words   |  9 PagesNarcissistic Personality Disorder Research Paper By Jonathan Ilunga Sonoma State University Abstract This paper will aim to define narcissistic personality disorder as a whole. The document will cover the topics of symptoms, prevalence, and contributing factor. In addition to covering the general description of the disorder the paper will present a case study to provide a clearer image of the parameters of NPD. 2 scientific studies will be presented in order to offer empirical dataRead MoreErik Erikson s Theory And Determining That Personality Development2143 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract Erik Erikson is well renowned for his Psychosocial Developmental Stage Theory. Erikson expanded on Freud’s Psychoanalytical Theory by revisiting the theory and determining that personality development is a life-long continuous process versus Freud’s assessment that personality is developed during early childhood and late adolescence and is fully developed by the time an individual reaches early adulthood. Erikson’s theory has 8 stages that have two possible outcomes in each stage whichRead MoreSelf Control5185 Words   |  21 Pagesconcept of willpower. Self regulation is an extremely important executive function of the brain. Deficits in self control/regulation are found in a large number of psychological disorders including  ADHD,  Antisocial Personality Disorder,  Borderline Personality Disorder,  addiction, eating disorders and impulse control disorders[3]. ------------------------------------------------- Skinners Survey of Self-Control Techniques B.F. Skinners  Science and Human Behavior  provides a survey of nine categoriesRead MoreEssay on The Mind of a Serial Killer2293 Words   |  10 Pages the scientific evidence supports the theories of sociopathy, psychopathy, sadistic fulfillment, childhood abuse, and genetics.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines a serial murder as the killing of several victims in ten or more separate incidents over an extended period of time (Dietz 483). Serial murderers are often classified into specific categories. One category is motive; motive killers are sexually sadistic killers or spree killers. The psychology of the killer is anotherRead MoreChildrens Behavior Is Worst Today Than Ten Years Ago4871 Words   |  20 Pagesthroughout the world differ in their attitudes, beliefs and traditions relating to childhood. Some cultures for instance, define childhood as the period that lasts from birth until sometime past the age of 20. Cultures also differ in skills, values and personality traits they seek to o develop in children. From infancy to age five, they begin to identify to identify themselves with particular roles within the family and community. They gradually develop their understanding of time, space, symbols, and otherRead MoreThe T wisted Mind of a Serial Killer2301 Words   |  10 Pageskiller, the scientific evidence supports the theories of sociopathy, psychopathy, sadistic fulfillment, childhood abuse, and genetics. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines a serial murder as the killing of several victims in ten or more separate incidents over an extended period of time (Dietz 483). Serial murderers are often classified into specific categories. One category is motive; motive killers are sexually sadistic killers or spree killers. The psychology of the killer is anotherRead MoreDomestic violence Essay examples7765 Words   |  32 Pagesor to protect children. As a result of abuse, victims may experience physical disabilities, chronic health problems, mental illness, limited finances, and poor ability to create healthy relationships. Victims may experience post-traumatic stress disorder. Children who live in a household with violence show deregulated aggression from an early age that may later contribute to continuing the legacy of abuse when they reach adulthood. Domestic violence often happens in the context of forced and childRead MoreThe Subconscious Psychopath in American Psycho2985 Words   |  12 Pages in turn, affect our conscious thoughts and actions indirectly. Compare that to those who act upon their evil thoughts and therefore are more authentic to their natural and uninfluenced personality. Humans are strongly related to our savage animal brothers; however we do everything in our means to appear separate and civilized. Regardless of our attempt at separation, we still remain savage beasts by nature and suppressing our natural state only makes our hidden savagery more apparent. The film

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Market Research Plan Electrical Fittings and Fixtures

Question: Discuss about theMarket Research Planfor Electrical Fittings and Fixtures. Answer: Introduction: This paper is an effort to develop a guide line for developing a Research Proposal for this organisation which is in the market with a big offering of toilet fittings and now wants to explore the possibilities of taking entry into the market of the electrical fittings and fixtures in their trading line. The proposal needs to emphasise that the organisation is very highly concerned about the following aspects of conducting business(Whitaker, 2011). OHS: The health and safety of the men and materials are of primary concern to this organisation. Since the proposed line of trade will be a little unfamiliar to this organisations culture, the research will have to consider this aspect also. Data Privacy: Since the research may and perhaps will, involve the very secret data of the operations of this organisation, it needs to be specified that data furnished to the Research Agency will have to be handled with strict secrecy and confidentiality(Esomar, 2015). Staff Involvement: A limited number of employees will be provided by this organisation for being associated with the proceeding of this research project so that the agency, which has been entrusted with this assignment, is not required to go witch hunting for data, information and facilities. While providing the staff to render assistance, it needs to be clearly understood that our people will only render help and assistance and they cannot be asked to take responsibility for the research project(Vic, 2016). Key Performance Indicators: The research will have to clearly guide the achievement of the Key Performance Indicators for this new line of business proposed to be entered into by the management. Quality of Data: The data generated from the research must be fully relevant and should be reliable for undertaking the new venture. Discussion: This research will be a dashboard for the management to go ahead with the proposed entry or avoid the entry at the moment. Scope of the project: The scope of the project will be to ascertain the viability of undertaking the entry into the light fittings and fixtures group of commodities within a predetermined time span. The time available for completing the research project and submit the final report to the CEO is EIGHT WEEKS. It may be clearly mentioned that the deadline of eight week is not considerable for extension and the contract for conducting the research will be considered as cancelled without any reference to the contractor if there is any time over run and subsequent delay in submitting the final report(Monnappa, 2012). Research Requirements: The requirement of the project is to ascertain the feasibility of the new line of business along with the existing to create a synergy for exploiting the demands of the market. It has been found that builders prefer to buy all their requirements from a stable, standard and reliable source. Since electrical fittings and fixtures are integral part of requirement of the domestic construction industry, it has been felt that making this electrical fittings available to the builders will attract them to take advantage of buying from this one stop outlet(Multimatch, 2006). In House Resource: The organisation will make all efforts for providing some manpower which may be used by the contractor for rendering help and assistance in the easy completion of the research project. It may however be mentioned that the people to be provided by this organisation are not specifically skilled in conducting research and they cannot be asked to help the research process by providing guidance or direction. They will be associated only in the capacity of providing data, facilitating information collection and general support required to complete the research project in time. Any problem faced by the research team from the contractors with our people may please be pointed out to us for immediately redressing the issue(Traxler, 2012). Probable Competent Consultants: While there may be many competent consultants in the market for undertaking this research project, the following companies have been shortlisted for requesting to send their quotation. Acworth Accounting, 27 Pitt Street, Hawthorne, QLD Lombard Consulting, 78 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD Holt Burrows, 58, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Vic It is hereby clarified that the quotation must come from these three agencies only and any other quotations received for this purpose will be rejected. On receipt of quotations to be sent within a week of the date of posting will be further scrutinised for final selection of vendor. Late offers will not be considered. Selection Criteria: The criteria for selecting the successful bidder will be decided on the basis of fulfilment of the requirements of the management. The fundamental considerations will be three features. They are- a) the guarantee for the accuracy of the recommendations, b) time for submitting the final report and c) the price quoted by the contractor. While the respective importance of the individual factors mentioned above will be decided by the management, no discussions on these aspects will be permitted after the offers are opened(Avantika, 2014). Discussion with contractor prior to appointment: The discussion with the contractor will be focused on finding out whether The vendor has prior experience in handling research in this particular area of work whether the vendor will provide handholding training to our people who would be working in the new line of business whether the vendor is prepared to ensure the results of their recommendation what kind of warrantee will the vendor offer to guard against any faulty projection whether the vendor has provision of adequate standby people to carry on this job to completion within the time frame, even if some of their people will leave mid way of research work Whether the vendor is prepared to indemnify this organisation against sustaining of any loss with the implementation of their solutions(Designingbuildings, 2016). Resources: This organisation has agreed to ensure availability of suitable man power for conforming that the contractors do not face any difficulties in operating out of this place. The required office facilities will also be provided to the contractors for the eight week to enable them completing the research project without interruption. The contractors will have to vacate the office premise after the expiry of the eight weeks time. Providers and Suppliers: The appointment of providers and any other suppliers, if required, will have to be jointly agreed upon by the contractor and the management of this organisation. The contractor is not allowed to appoint their own suppliers and providers without the explicit consent of the management. Flow of Research Project The CEO of Houzit had decided to give the assignment to Lombard Consulting, 78 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD Planning of research in phase-wise manner has been made covering the definition and scope of Research with selection of Consultant has been ensured in 2nd week with measurement of 5% completed task related to project. Questionnaire related to market research is on time. Requirement of document information is delayed by 1 week time completion measurement 10% Identification of information and its source is delayed by 1 week respectively- completion measurement is 15% Purchase of research material made by Houzit as per request by consultant except expense related to Australian Chamber of Commerce worth $ 1450. Identification of research participants is on time while identification of research technique was lagging behind by 1 week. Budget fixation and time requirement for project- 2 weeks late- completion measurement 30%. Request for more time for research by consultant had been negated by Houzit. Basic market research with target audience and group is completed in time. Interview of Houzit managers and group buyers are not done- completion measurement 50%. Constraint of in-house support reported by consultant. Secondary market research related to end users are done on time- completion measurement 70% Findings of research on time Submission of research report- 2 days late submission- project completion 100%(Sigler, 2016). Conclusion: The research project will have to be started and conducted with mutual trust and belief. Any areas of concern or disputes will have to be settled according to the Rules and Regulations existing in the country. In case of any issue not getting resolved amicably then an adjudicator or arbitrator will have to be appointed with approval from both the parties i.e. the contractor and this organisation. References: Avantika, M. (2014, April 14). Project Selection Methods for Project Management Professionals. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Simplilearn: Designingbuildings. (2016, July 20). Pre-contract meeting for construction contracts. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Designingbuildings: Esomar. (2015, December 18). What the new EU data protection law means for market research. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Esomar: Monnappa, A. (2012, January 21). Project Scope Management and its importance. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Simplilearn: Multimatch. (2006, May 01). User Requirements Analysis . Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Multimatch: Sigler, M. (2016, September 12). PMI Research Project Request for Proposal Flow: Rate and Pathogen Growth. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Safeplumbing: Traxler, D. (2012, August 22). Outsourcing v. Hiring In-house: Pros and Cons. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Practicalecommerce: Vic. (2016, February 15). Workforce planning and HR templates. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Vic: Whitaker, B. (2011, March 02). Creating a Market Research Plan. Retrieved November 11, 2016, from Business:

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Internet History Essays - Computing, Technology,

Internet History Starting out as a small military experiment some 35 years ago, the Internet is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of communication. With a present population of about 40 million users world wide, it seems to have a very promising future. Uncensored and almost impossible to monitor, it's a breeding ground for all sorts of offensive and derogatory information. On the other hand, it is probably the biggest single source of data in the world brought home into your personal computer. Will this form of communication survive in the future, or will it simply die out like many others have in the past? History The first nodes of the Internet were built 36 years ago by the RAND corporation. They faced the problem of keeping communication between U.S. authorities active in the aftermath of a nuclear war. The country needed a command-and-control network. The biggest problem was protecting the main server, which could be knocked out by a single atomic warhead. RAND came up with the solution in 1964. The new network would have no central authority, and secondly, it would be designed to operate in shambles. " During the 60s, this intriguing concept of a decentralized, blastproof, packet-switching network was kicked around by RAND, MIT and UCLA. The National Physical Laboratory in Great Britain set up the first test network on these principles in 1968. Shortly afterward, the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency decided to fund a larger, more ambitious project in the USA. The nodes of the network were to be high-speed supercomputers (or what passed for supercomputers at the time). These were rare and valuable machines which were in real need of good solid networking, for the sake of national research- and-development projects." (Sterling 1-2) The first was put in place during the fall of 1969. By December of the same year four nodes were installed. They were connected by dedicated high-speed transmission lines. This allowed the computers to communicate and be programmed from one of the other computers. In the year of 1971 there were 15 nodes, and by 72 there were 37. This number kept increasing rapidly as the years passed. The network was also becoming more of a person to person way of communicating. Many military personnel began using it as a way to gossip with friends instead of a way to transmit documents and projects. This became even more evident in the following years. How it works The Internet may seem a very complex form of communication but that is not really the case. First, you must have a reasonably fast computer (80386 or higher) with a modem and a phone line. The next step is to contact your local Internet provider and get him to give you a password and an SLIP address. At this time you will also be given the software to get you started. All of this costs about 140 dollars, depending on how many hours you wish to purchase. "We charge using an hourly rate because it gives our users more flexibility with their time. When run on a monthly payment, you are limited to an hour a day, whereas with our system you can use any amount of time whenever you want" (Schulmeister). The costs are as follows: 10 hrs-$30.00 20 hrs-$50.00 40 hrs-$80.00 60 hrs-$90.00 Once you have your software installed and want to start "surfing the net," you must first login to the server (located at the Northwest Community College) by dialling in its phone number using a specific program. The two local numbers are 638-1543 and 638-1593. Even with the two numbers, the server is often busy because of the constantly increasing number of users in our area. These numbers can be used by a number of people at a time, not just two. Once connected to the college server, you travel down to a larger server in Vancouver, and from there you can access any other computer connected as long as your server has permission to do so. Diagram: How the Internet works Impact on Society The Internet is just starting to have a large impact on society. It seemed to come out of nowhere, popping up in magazines and on the news. The Internet is now becoming an influential communications medium to

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Crossing the Frontier Essays

Crossing the Frontier Essays Crossing the Frontier Essay Crossing the Frontier Essay Katherine Meyer stood in the doorway of what once was her beautiful 18th century town house. The hard struggle of six years of war had reduced her home to little more than a skeleton of its former self. Her threadbare kitchen had no roof. The window frames still stood, but the glass had long since been blown out. The lack of heating made the house deathly cold, as if trying to replicate the atmosphere outside. She stood in the alcove and surveyed the desolate landscape that once was bustling Berlin. She used to complain about the amount of noise and traffic that passed her house every morning; she used to detest the loud waiters and musicians that played in the cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½s on the pavement.That was such a long time ago now, long replaced by the dead, crumbling city that lay before her. Death was so apparent here, it hit Katherine in the face every time she looked out at her town. Derelict buildings lined every potholed street, many without roofs or floors. Sometimes Katherine wou ld stumble upon a house completely intact by the chaos surrounding it, and it would remind Katherine of a happier time. But as soon as she looked around again she would sink further into the depression of war. She could not remember the last time she had slept throughout the night, as the relentless pounding of shells and incessant chattering of gunfire resounded throughout Berlin, penetrating even the thickest walls.Katherine Meyer had heard that the Soviets had arrived two days ago, which was now obvious as the amount of shelling and gunfire had increased tenfold. All of her friends had left Berlin years ago to seek safety in the countryside, but Katherines seriously ill father had kept her in Berlin. She had not heard any news of her father since the Soviets had captured that area of Berlin, and she feared the worst. She realised, standing in the doorway of her home, that if she intended to leave Berlin alive, then she must leave straight away. No news from her father in this cas e meant bad news, and she wasnt going to stay in Berlin to find out. Remaining in the city meant certain death. She ran upstairs, and changed into her khaki clothes that she had stowed away. She quickly filled a small bag with what remaining food and water she had left. As she stepped out onto the street, its surface scarred by years of warfare, she realised that Berlin was surrounded, and the only way she was going to get out was to go straight through the Soviet lines. She was either going to get out of Berlin or die trying.She walked swiftly, for she dreaded the sound of an oncoming shell or the sound of a Soviet tank coming in her direction. Unfortunately she knew much more than she should about how to keep out of the way of enemy fire. Her plan was to try and cross the Soviet lines at its narrowest point, which she thought would be the eastern side of Berlin. She paced down side streets and alleyways, following a map she had carefully drawn in her head. She turned into the Bà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ckerstraà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½e, famous for being the street with the best bakery in Berlin. She rounded the corner and stopped in horror. What yesterday evening had been a prospering, ambitious, family run business was now a pile of rubble. The wooden sign that read Bà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ckerei lay amongst the carnage, broken in half, reminding passers by of what might have been. She knew all too well what would have happened to the baker and his wife, and shuddered with dread at the thought. The rubble itself was blocking the road, rising about five feet in the air, and was impassable. Katherine went to turn the other way, and came face to face with a Soviet soldier.Katherines first instinct was to turn and run, attempt to scramble over the remains of the bakery. However, she noticed that the Soviets left hand was firmly in his pocket, as if he was clutching onto something. A gun, Katherine thought. She stood in silence, facing him, a thousand scenarios racing inside her head, trying to thi nk of a way out. Just as she was about to say something, the Soviet soldier went to speak. Katherine closed her eyes. To her sheer amazement, he started to sing. He was more shouting than singing, and Katherine quickly realised he was drunk. He was gently swaying from side to side, as if he no longer had full command over his legs.He suddenly pulled his hand from his pocket, and Katherines heart stopped. Drunk men could be very unpredictable. In a split second he had pulled an object from his pocket, and raised it to Katherine. Her heart skipped a beat. Her mouth went dry. She risked a glance at the object being pointed at her and relief flowed through her veins. She saw it was a flask. He raised it to her and then to his lips. Katherine seized the opportunity and shoved him, pushed him as hard as she could. He stumbled backwards, tripped over a slab of concrete and lay motionless on the floor. Knocked out. Katherine quickly stepped over him and ran.She ran for a full twenty minutes , across the barren streets of Berlin. She knew she was running east, and the gunfire was becoming louder. She thought she was not far from the Soviet lines. She continued in the same direction for another few hundred metres, and then turned off into an alleyway in the hope of avoiding some of the Soviet forces. Katherine noticed a washing line hanging across the alley, clothes dripping with water, immune from the war that raged so near. She noticed a young boy, nine or ten years old, motioning to her. He was wearing an old grey jumper, and blue trousers that were extremely ripped and dirty. His face, too, had smears of mud on it, his blonde hair stuck to his forehead. Katherine looked into his eyes, grey and listless, eyes that had seen things far worse than a ten-year-old should.He could see she was lost and shaken, and quickly lead Katherine into a dilapidated house. He ran up the stairs and onto the roof, where Katherine was presented with a clear view of what was left of Berlin . Her suppositions had been correct, for she was now only a mile from the Soviet lines. The boy was alone, and she could see that he, too, was frightened. She realised that a young woman and her son would look far less suspicious trying to leave Berlin than a young woman alone. She would not attract as much attention to herself. Above all, she wanted to help the helpless young boy that was standing in front of her. She grabbed his hand, dirty and hot, and told him to lead her towards the Soviet lines. He understood the plan, and started to lead her back down the stairs and onto the streets.Katherine approached the mass of Soviet soldiers with extreme caution, keeping her head down. She told the young boy to do the same, and to avoid eye contact with any soldier. The further through the throng of soldiers they went, the tighter they gripped each others hand. They picked their way through potholes, campfires, tents and dancing Soviet soldiers, many of whom, Katherine noticed, were dru nk. The smell of alcohol was strong in the air. Suddenly, the young boy stumbled, his tired legs faltering for a single moment. He fell at the feet of a Soviet, who instantly recognised him as a German. Katherine pulled him up, and clamped a hand in his shoulder. She stared at the Soviet, and he stared back. She saw kindness in his eyes, and he smiled at her. He moved aside, and let them pass. She was eternally grateful to him, even though she would never see the soldier again.They carried on walking for another three or four miles, until they came to a bridge. Katherine decided to stop for a moment, and dangle her legs into the refreshingly ice cold water that flowed below. The young boy scuttled off under the bridge, noticing something hidden in the tall grass. With all the strength he could muster he pulled out a rusty bicycle, with two flat tires and no saddle. She smiled, and then she laughed. She hugged the young boy.

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American History Since 1865 Annotated Bibliography - 1

American History Since 1865 - Annotated Bibliography Example Site summary: The site is very easy to navigate and the other sites mentioned in it are quite useful and provid more information about the history of women suffrage. The writing is quite academic, because of the use of formal language and the reference to other important information. The information included on the webpage itself, however, is too short. It is more of an introduction to the wider history of women’s suffrage. I believe it should have included already some more information about the key events of the suffrage history. Annotation: This website analyzes how the Treaty of Versailles contributed to the failure of the Weimar Republic. This corresponds to the material on pages 484-485 of our textbook. It discusses the territorial, military, financial, and judicial elements of the Treaty of Versailles. Scheck provides a detailed but brief analysis of what went wrong and what went right with the Treaty and how it fuelled World War II. He notes that the Treaty is judged as either too harsh or too lenient with Germany, and still, it failed to stop another war from erupting. By virtue of its inability to prevent another World War, the Treaty of Versailles cannot be treated as a genuine peace agreement that all stakeholders accept as fair and respectful of each nation’s autonomy. Site summary: The site is easy to navigate and contains academic material. The author surely wrote with knowledge and experience about the topic, since he is a college professor in history. The analysis of the weaknesses and the strengths of the Treaty provided additional knowledge on the topic that is worth exploring further. This is an important resource for readers who want to know more about why the Treaty of Versailles also contributed to World War II. The main weakness of the website is that it does not cite its sources. There should have been footnotes at least to substantiate the facts and assertions mentioned there. Annotation: This website